Date: Sep 26, 2013 10:08 AM
Author: Steven Lord
Subject: Re: newnarx error

"Greg Heath" <> wrote in message
> "Christine" wrote in message <fq33r6$od0$>...


>> When I run the program, this error was prompted out:
>> Error in ==> newnarx at 7
>> net = newnarx(P,T,[0 1],[1 2],5);

> I get no error when I run the code.

Christine, use WHICH to check that you're using the NEWNARX function from
Neural Network Toolbox. I suspect that you're not, since most of those
functions contain much more than five lines of help text (which would make
the first executable line of the function line 7, given the function
declaration on line 1) and I don't think NEWNARX would call itself
recursively that soon in its file.

Also, if you're using a release of MATLAB and Neural Network Toolbox later
than release R2010b, you should use NARXNET instead of NEWNARX. See the item
"Improved Network Creation" in the R2010b section of the Neural Network
Toolbox Release Notes.

Steve Lord
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