Date: Oct 3, 2013 9:43 PM
Author: justlooking for someone else
Subject: math problem - help

Hi,  I come here once in a while to get some confusions cleared up or
get hints on how to solve something. I teach my daughter who is in
middle school and we come across some problems that stump us.
Any hints would be appreciate.

The one below, I am missing something in terms of simplifying or some
series or something. Basically, I have tried combining all the terms
after expanding it and could not got to a solution that would simplify
it to prove. It stays in a the expanded form pretty much.

Prove that:

((1/(a^2+1)) + ((1/(b^2+1)) + ((1/(c^2+1)) <= 1/2

<= - less than or equal to 1/2

I have grouped them together in several ways, but not come close to
simplifying the expanded equation. I thought I could be missing a
simple clue, but cannot come up with it for the past 2 hours. Its not
homework, but practice which she could not do it and I tried it but
have not been able to simplify. Thannks for the help.