Date: Oct 17, 2013 7:52 PM
Author: Bart Goddard
Subject: Re: Formal proof of the ambiguity of 0^0

Dan Christensen <> wrote in

> You can avoid the contradictions by stipulating non-zero bases in each
> of the Laws of Exponents,

Yeah, we know. That's what we're calling "stupid". It's
stupid. Plain stupid. Insanely stupid. Next you'll be
saying that we can leave 2^2 undefined (and be consistent)
if we simply exclude 2 from the list of permitted bases.

99% of the people in the world, if they were told "what
you just said was garbage" would at least give some
thought to whether the charge has merit. You show not
the slightest inclination to question your own work,
which is the mark of someone with absolutely no business
around science and math.