Date: Oct 28, 2013 10:50 AM
Author: Joe Niederberger
Subject: Re: The monkey-sense is more important than you think.

R Hansen says:
>I implore you to stop searching for a paper and just think about what that means in terms of wealth. Educated people tend to handle their money better. Nuff said.

Right back to "what R Hansen pulls off the top off his head is so much better than any real world data!" Fine, have your opinion, but I don't buy it. This is an often studied association. Your opinion in this case is simply wrong.

>There, now you know the truth. But wait! You knew already, which is why you redirected your son's education. But for some reason, here, you forget all that and post a paper that says 1 + 1 is 3.

I think good schools help, obviously, (and also a good home environment, which is all that this income-achievement paper seems to be reporting.) Off the top of my head I would have thought that something like "re-segregation" (wealth buys better schools) might account for the effect reported, but apparently not:
(don't look Bob!)

The difference seems to already exist at K and persist all the way through 12!
(What's that say about the current angst over "fixing" the schools and teachers?)

Joe N