Date: Nov 1, 2013 11:54 AM
Author: Bart Goddard
Subject: Re: Formal proof of the ambiguity of 0^0

Dan Christensen <> wrote in

> This issue really calls for some
> thinking "outside the box."

First, it calls for thinking. You have done none of
that yet. If, by some remote miracle, you have a
coherent thought someday, then, and only then, we
might discuss whether it is in a box or not.

> You yourself have admitted that 0^0 is ambiguous. How do YOU propose
> to formalize this ambiguity,

This is, perhaps, the heart of your illogic. "Formalize
this ambiguity" is a nonsense phrase. It has no more
meaning than "skyblue pink". Second, before one
formalizes anything, one ought to have an argument about
why it should be formalized at all.

In the context of combinatorics, it's completely logical
and completely formal to define 0^0 = 1. And you don't
get it.