Date: Nov 4, 2013 7:49 AM
Author: Peter Percival
Subject: Re: not a good way to post

David N Melik wrote:
> Three related posts in a row, when a couple seem to not say anything
> new, and the last does not even say anything mathematical but the name
> of something, is ridiculous. I would call it spamming, so now will not
> read what you describe... if you want people to read, please do not
> spam in a way that tries to get your subject lines more space (or any
> way) if they are all about the same thing.

Not a good way to respond.
Respond _to_ the post in question (or one of the three).
Leave at least a bit of that post's text in.
By those means(*) readers will know what you're responding to.

(* Ob sci.math: GM, AM, etc.)

Du mußt Amboß oder Hammer sein