Date: Nov 4, 2013 11:15 AM
Subject: Re: To Be Published the Disproof of the Current Pi and a Math<br> Question for the smart ones Prfessors all

On Saturday, November 2, 2013 11:26:15 AM UTC-5, wrote:
> Correct Pi 3.14159292035, this to be published in a day or so internationally. Your Pi is a dogma of your approximate Mathematics Pi *n How many various "residua" this results in, and at what gap value they occur( answer =Y). This is essential for precision 2 Pi = 6.2831858407. Tell us all the numbers and whole number gaps these residua occur??. Your best professors do not have a clue. Answer is Y HINT TO THE ANSWER for the whole number Y 360/Y-3.14159292035=1/22.6 Y/[(y*2)/10]=5 Come on now , check with all the great professors that you all have, how about the greast Professor Robert Israel , your mathematics should have had equations for the same for all values. Simple what is the value Y for the value,3.15 infinite numerations 3.15 , there are Y numbers of variations of the residua and the gap between all numbers is =Y what is Y for this baby number 3.15, What . Now do not try and get foamy at the mouth and blurt our profanities-- By the grace of Jesus Christ

This is a major proof and I do not see a serious credible response from you professors except cheap slights that I have always known of current mathematics , just the usual eduacated dogmas, follow the leadert stuff, your PI is nonsense , imagination. As to which Journal , It is a pure Mathematics journal and it is not as Dogmatic as the Princeton journal .It will be published tommorow, then I will publish the abstract here. The mathematical "Cross residua value" for the real Pi by the way is 3.14159292035 is "113 whole value"
Your mathematics has not the sligtest clue of this function of mathematics.Go worship Prineton/Harvard , and wag your tails at the approximation of Mathematics and the imaginary trancendental Pi value, the beat goes on!!!