Date: Nov 4, 2013 11:12 PM
Author: Guillermo Sanchez
Subject: Biokmod 5.3 for Mathematica 9 available for free download

New version 5.3 of BIOKMOD for Mathematica 9 is available at

Biokmod is a Mathematica tool box that can be integrated with Mathematica Addons.
It includes different packages:
(a) A package to solve system of differential equations with special application to compartmental andphysiological models;
(b) A package for fitting data, it can be applied to fit the transfer
rates using experimental data;
c) A specific package for optimal design;
d) Some packages for solving the currents ICRP Models, they have special applications to calculate internal dose and bioassay data evaluations.

The help includes many examples.

There are some publications where BIOKMOD has been used (some
available at the author website:

Biokmod is used by the webMathematica aplication BIOKMODWEB available at:

Comments are welcome

Guillermo Sanchez