Date: Nov 8, 2013 7:24 AM
Author: Tom Potter
Subject: Einstein's big mistake

The wave function of a twin reuniting with a twin

exists on REAL WORLD spherical harmonics.

Einstein did not understand REAL WORLD "loops"
just as the Pope did not understand
the loop made by Magellan.

The Pope did understand it
after a number of people explained it to him,

but Einstein held on to his mis-perception
and with the help of a friendly Mass Media
brainwashed the masses to believe

that if you would get a day older or younger by
looping about the Earth's axis.

"Upon returning the expedition found its date was a day behind, although
they had faithfully maintained the ship's log.
They lost one day because they traveled west during their circumnavigation
of the globe, opposite to Earth's daily rotation.
This caused great excitement at the time,
and a special delegation was sent to the Pope to explain the oddity to him."

Tom Potter