Date: Nov 20, 2013 12:22 PM
Author: Jean-Philippe
Subject: Simulink Disc Rotation (Pendulum movement)


First, I want to thanks all of you for helping (especially Fex32). I'm doing another post because my english is bad and I want to "try" to be a bit more precise. So here's what I want to do; I want to model on Matlab Simulink the rotation of a disc around a shaft. That disc when at initial position can rotate 90 degrees clockwise and ccw. When you "crank" it to 90 degrees and release it, it does a pendulum movement, until it stops.

Here is a top view of my disc (in black are the rubber bands)

On my second picture we can see the type of curve (chart?) I want to obtain:

When rotating the disc, the rubber bands stretches and the inertia momentum isn't constant;

Example of the type of simulink I'd like to have:

Youtube video of my prototype:

So, here's in other word want I want: I would like to have a simulink files that "model" reaction of my disc. I need to get from it a sinus chart. I need to be able to adjust it to my real prototype with a friction factor.

***I think I need to input Simulink my matlab function of how my Inertia Momentum varies in time? ****
Here is the function:
M = force1*armlever1/1000+force2*armlever2/1000

Thanks so much,