Date: Dec 15, 2013 6:54 PM
Author: Jean Hallagan
Subject: Graduate course offered during January

Winter Session mathematics pedagogy course offered online January 6-24, 2013
And Summer Session 3 & 4: July 7-August 15, 2013

You can find this at under course availability. You need to register with SUNY Oswego to take the course.

This course is appropriate for childhood, middle grades, or adolescence certification. The course focuses upon literacy techniques specifically for the mathematics
classroom. All of the examples of the literacy techniques featured in the course pertain to teaching mathematics. Many of the examples pertain to teaching algebra. Students complete a project at the end of the course appropriate to their certification. The project must be from grades five through nine. Graduate students in special education, literacy, or mathematics have found this course quite useful. This class counts as mathematics pedagogy for those seeking New York State credentials.

Contact the course instructor Dr. Jean Hallagan: for more information.

Winter Session course is offered in a 3 week time span. Students who are working full-time may begin the course early by reading the textbook in December.
Course preview week is the week prior to Jan 6, so you can preview and begin assignments, and then submit assignments beginning Jan 6. Students working full time, who begin early have successfully completed and enjoyed the course.
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