Date: Dec 31, 2013 8:42 PM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Re: Kids understand multi-digit numbers as early as age 3 ??? Researchers' blunder.

Robert Hansen (RH) posted Dec 31, 2013 10:48 PM (
> On Dec 30, 2013, at 11:16 PM, GS Chandy
> <> wrote:

> > (On my pointing out such facts about "America", "US
> of A", "Americans", etc at other forums, there have
> often been quite angry/quite resentful responses
> (from US citizens only)
> Lol.
> I once made the honest mistake of calling someone
> from Ireland, ?English".

What happened then? (The English were rather brutal with the Irish, who claim - I believe not very accurately - that they suffered more under the English than we Indians did under the British [including the Irish]).
> ?American? is a name that we and the rest of the
> world have been calling ourselves for centuries. It
> is embedded deep within our history, our literature
> and our songs.
> You really should take more heed of those responses.
> They are trying to tell you something.
> Bob Hansen

I know. Errors do occur in history, literature and culture (including song).

Undoubtedly those responses are saying something and evidently I'm not quite 'getting it'.

But still, why the resentment? Just what is it that those US citizens are trying to tell me?

I had originally noticed the resentment whenever I pointed out the error while I was living in the USA long ago. Once I was even threatened graphically with severe physical violence - if I recall rightly, the man threatened to "drive my ass ('arse', in English English) down my throat" or some such physiological impossibility. Happily, that was resolved without any such dire thing happening to me, and here I am today - still wondering about it.

More recently, I have noticed resentment when I pointed out this 'discrepancy', if that's the right word, on various Internet forums; none so far here at Math-teach).

When I tried to check out the reasons for the resentment, I had found two possible sources:

a) 'Geographical ignorance';
b) 'US exceptionalism'.

Now you've given me "history, literature and culture (including song)", which appears to me to be rather too 'broad' a source.

As stated earlier, non-US citizens of America have generally tended to support such observations of mine.


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