Date: Jan 13, 2014 9:05 AM
Author: Torsten
Subject: Re: Solving an equation with a vector

"Jurjen " <> wrote in message <lb0nur$26q$>...
> I need to solve an equation: (p.*(B./(N+1)).*L.^2)/(12.*S)=(T.*(Be.^2.*T.^2+4.*Be.*H.^3+6.*Be.*H.^2.*T+4.*Be.*H.*T.^2+H.^4))./(6.*H.^2+12.*Be.*H+6.*Be.*T) in which p, B, L, S and Be are constants, T is dependent on N and H is unknown. I want to solve H for N=[1:7]. This however results in the warnings ''Warning: 7 equations in 1 variables.'' and ''Warning: Explicit solution could not be found.'' I've tried using a for loop but I need to plot (N, H) and with a loop the values of H overwrite eachother. Is there a way to solve H for different values of N?
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> Jurjen

Multiplying with the denominator
you get a polynomial of degree 4 in the unknown H.
Specify numerical values for the known constants and use "roots" to solve.

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