Date: Jan 16, 2014 1:26 AM
Subject: Math Forum

To all,

I know how busy you are ... but there is another opportunity for your voice
to be heard

about testing, the Common Core, data about students given to the state,
about 2 regents given on the same day, about students having to take 2 test
as 9th graders, about not getting the results back before the second test
is administered, and so on... at The Common Core Community Forum today
January 16th at 6 pm at the Carmel Town Hall, 60 McAlpin Ave, Mahopac NY
10541sponsored by Senator Greg Ball. If you are interested in
participating contact Krista Gobins at 845-279-3773 or

I wish I could be there but unfortunately I am not able to do so. I know
that Senator Ball wants to her your voice especially where it will be a
topic of conversation in Albany. Thanks for your consideration.

As always,
Grace Wilkie