Date: Jan 16, 2014 6:50 AM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Re: Kids understand multi-digit numbers as early as age 3 ???<br> Researchers' blunder.

Robert Hansen (RH) posted  Dec 31, 2013 10:48 PM ( - GSC's remarks follow:
> On Dec 30, 2013, at 11:16 PM, GS Chandy
> <> wrote:

> > (On my pointing out such facts about "America", "US
> of A", "Americans", etc at other forums, there have
> often been quite angry/quite resentful responses
> (from US citizens only)
> Lol.
> I once made the honest mistake of calling someone
> from Ireland, ?English".
> ?American? is a name that we and the rest of the
> world have been calling ourselves for centuries. It
> is embedded deep within our history, our literature
> and our songs.
> You really should take more heed of those responses.
> They are trying to tell you something.
> Bob Hansen

Lol, indeed.

"Masters of the Universe!" is what we humans have been describing ourselves as since practically forever. (Since at least the 'Old Testament', I believe, probably longer).

It's not true: it is a lie. (And we humans are just about beginning to realise the dimensions of this lie).


"America" DOES NOT = "The United States of America" and

"The United States of America" DOES NOT = "America".

It IS true that (as you claim), "for centuries, 'US citizens' have been calling themselves 'Americans'" - and that this is "embedded deep within (your) history, literature and songs".

Doesn't make it true.

The validity of my claim may be checked out from any reliable atlas.

You really do need to think a little more deeply on issues.