Date: Jan 26, 2014 3:05 AM
Author: Gregory Lypny
Subject: Need Help With Locator in a Manipulate

Hello everyone,

I'm creating a Manipulate that has two locators. I was able to get the first locator, pt1, working the way I want, but am not sure how to handle the second, pt2.

Locator pt1 determines the intersection of two curves, a straight line with slope m and a power function, k[], with shape parameter a. Both m and a can be varied using sliders. I want the second locator, pt2, to be constrained to move along the line determined by locator pt1 and slope m. In a previous post some time ago, Bob Hanlon and John Fultz kindly showed me how to constrain a locator to move around the perimeter of a circle, but this used DynamicModule, and I am not sure how to bring this into a Manipulate. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. The code for my Manipulate is below. Right now, locator pt2 is arbitrarily set to {50,50} but it doesn't do anything.

k[{x_,y_},a_]:=x^a y^(1-a);
Plot[{(k[pt1,a]/x^a)^(1/(1-a)),m x +b},{x,0,100},
{{a,.5,"Shape (a)"},.2,.8,Appearance->"Labeled"},
{{m,-1,"Slope (m)"},-3,-.4,Appearance->"Labeled"},


Gregory Lypny