Date: Jan 27, 2014 8:23 PM
Author: Yilin
Subject: Re: Undefined function or variable - for no reason...

Hi everyone. I'm having a similar issue and I don't have duplicated function name in my working directory. There are only have two self-created functions 'functest' and 'funcone'. 'functest' is created after I started my current matlab. 'funcone' is created from last time. However, 'funcone' is not running. 'functest' is fine.  I have tried reinstall matlab. The problem still exists. Do I have to create a new function every time ?? 
Any help is much appreciated.

EDU>> pwd
ans =

EDU>> dir
. .. funcone.m functest.m

EDU>> which -all funcone

EDU>> funcone(1)
Undefined function 'funcone' for input arguments of type 'double'.

EDU>> which -all functest

EDU>> functest(1)
ans =

"Theophane " <> wrote in message <huspi6$6ko$>...
> Matlab has gone mad! It won't accept any declaration other than predeclared matlab functions (say, fft). Almost any other function call returns 'Undefined function or method bla bla'.
> I know you'll think that I don't have the path defined correctly, or that my function is not defined properly, but this is not the case. I am trying to call functions or script located in the directory i am currently browsing.
> Tab autocompletes their name when I start typing the first few letters.
> But as soon as I press enter, matlab gets confused. I have been using matlab for years, never encountered this problem.
> Even weirder, I can copy those files in a different folder, and sometimes, just sometimes, they will work. For a bit. Before becoming un-callable again.
> This does not concern all the files I am using, just some. they can be on a different drive, too.
> Does anyone have any clue what is going on?