Date: Feb 10, 2014 9:01 AM
Author: Todd Fuller
Subject: Re: AP Calculus AB & AP Statistics & Math 2 Honors & Math 2<br> Standard?

[quote] I have seen many AP teachers with 2 or 3 different classes. My AP calculus teacher (in 1978) taught at least 3 different classes, including a basic (remedial) math class. The basic math class was very unruly and packed (I was a teacher aid for him in my senior year). The other classes were much more mild and the AP class maybe had 10 students. But I have a lot of experience with the typical AP calculus teacher and I think it is the norm for them to be tasked with different classes, and with far more students than your situation. Your situation is complicated by the abrupt change in curriculum (that I dont agree with).[/quote]

Robert: I think you missed the initial thrust for why I posted this thread. It is completely normal for a HS math teacher that teaches one AP class to also teach other HS math classes.

I am talking about teaching TWO AP classes (college level courses) in addition to other HS math classes.

I'd be a breath away from being a full time college professor carrying two AP classes, and with the rigors of math/stats, plus teaching three other high school math classes, each of those three potentially being different courses. I hope this now all makes sense.

Yes, generally charter school teachers don't get paid as much as districted public school teachers, if, for no other reason, charters don't get public funds for capital (buildings) and charters often spend some of their cash on buildings/infrastructure anyway, leaving less for human resource expenses (salary/benefits).