Date: Feb 14, 2014 12:00 PM
Author: Joe Niederberger
Subject: Re: Masters of psycho-babble and edu-speak

R Hansen says:
>The reason for the babble today is that everything is about politics and most political messages today would look downright stupid, unconstitutional and in some cases, even immoral, if stated plainly

<Godwin's Law Alert>
Adolph Eichmann was asked, "Was it difficult for you to send these tens of thousands of people their death?" Eichmann replied, "To tell you the truth, it was easy. Our language made it easy." Asked to explain, Eichmann said, "My fellow officers and I coined our own name for our language. We called it amtssprache -- 'office talk.'" In office talk "you deny responsibility for your actions. So if anybody says, 'Why did you do it?' you say, 'I had to.' 'Why did you have to?' 'Superiors' orders. Company policy. It's the law.'"

Joe N