Date: Mar 5, 2014 7:04 PM
Author: stumblin' in
Subject: Re: 4 colors problem

Oh I think I found the solution.
This time everything leads to right answer.
There is a unit pattern more fundamental than the original one.
Instead of,
a b c d
c d a b

a b
c d

Follow the same rule for coloring more countries
a b a b a b
c d c d c d

b a b
c d c d

c d
a b <-- unit pattern
c d <-- unit pattern
a b
c d

This works flawlessly even with a country whose horizontal length is bigger than others on the map.
In the process of disproving a theorem I became a complete believer.
The theorem was proposed during the time when there was no computer.
The (modified and simplified) theorem is proved without using a computer.