Date: Mar 20, 2014 1:30 PM
Author: dpb
Subject: Re: Matrix dimensions must agree.

On 3/20/2014 12:22 PM, Vitor Andrade wrote:
> I'm new programmer, so I need to help of you.
> I have two matrices, wherein I would like to subtract one from the other:
> Comprimento = pe2(:,2) - pe1(:,2);
> But, my arrays are sizes different, one the size 11x2 and other the size
> 12x2. However, I would like to delete the row where my error occurs and
> continue my calculations.
> I hope I have to been clearer.

A) Enclose the error-throwing code in a try...catch block

B) Use "defensive programming" and test for the size mismatch and either
don't execute the known-to-fail code or fixup the size mismatch so it
doesn't fail.