Date: Mar 21, 2014 1:11 PM
Author: Robert Hansen
Subject: Re: How science  shaped modern 'rejection of religion'

On Mar 21, 2014, at 11:06 AM, Joe Niederberger <> wrote:

> I myself said I don't know if Davies quest for an explanation of the ultimate laws of nature was possible or impossible, Hell! We don't even have the TOE yet, much less an explanation for it. Perhaps they arrive together, perhaps never at all.
> But you offer your opinion (you say it never will happen.) You may be entirely correct.
> Its the reasons you advance for your position, which are paltry, and the cock-suredness with which you fling them around, that I am mocking. They indeed make you look foolish when you do that, which is often.
> If others you interact with don't hit the BS buzzer when you go off like that, either they are gullible, or don't want to cause a riff, that's all. I'm not the only one on this forum calling BS on many of your pronouncements, but you seem to feel a particular sting from me. Perhaps my criticisms are duller than the others -- the really sharps ones I don't think you feel at all.

So if I have cock-suredness insight into topics that you don't, but am unable to communicate that insight to you through the best prose I can muster, then my cock-suredness insight is just BS. And furthermore, the fact that I can communicate this insight to others just means they are either gullible or unwilling to tell me that my cock-suridness insight in such topics is just BS.

And no chance in convincing you that this is simply because you don't appreciate insight? Just kidding. That is like asking ?what if? and when you ask ?what if? you are acknowledging that what is, isn?t what you wanted.

I won?t lie. My cock-suredness can be off putting. But most people get over that relatively quickly. I know how it feels from both sides. When I first replied to Haim it was to tell him he was crazy. But then I realized he was a genius. I guess it has to do with the value some people place on insight over credentials and big words. And I actually use a better bedside manner with my clients. It is really simple, but took me a long time to learn. Keep my mouth shut and listen.

But you and Kirby haven?t budged an inch since I have posted here. Just posting a straightforward narrative regarding religion and science set you two aflame. And I don?t think that is just because of cock-suredness. Your bias' run much deeper than that. Kirby has stated (paraphrasing) that he doesn?t buy any authoritative theory of anything. It?s just one big mess (mash up of stuff) as far as he is concerned. Something you even despised. But as they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

If you and kirby are the only two lead weights I have to carry, then I shouldn?t really complain. That isn?t much of a load.

Bob Hansen