Date: May 10, 2014 10:07 AM
Author: G. A. Edgar
Subject: Re: unique ordering

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<> wrote:

> Thought experiment:
> Lets say that I randomly draw N letters out of a Scrabble letter-bag. I will
> then place those letters in a horizontal line on a table. How many UNIQUE
> patterns of letters can I produce? If there were no duplicates it would be
> easy (N factorial) but when there are duplicate letters it seems more
> complicated.
> Bob

Are you thinking of actual Scrabble? Some letters have duplicates, and
other don't? And the number of duplicates varies on how
frequently-used the letter is?

Or is this a mathematical Scrabble: Every letter has an unlimited
supply, and the probability of drawing an E doesn't depend on whether
some E's have already been drawn.

G. A. Edgar