Date: May 21, 2014 10:31 PM
Author: Sam Wormley
Subject: Proving uncertainty: First rigorous formulation supporting Heisenberg's<br> famous 1927 principle

Proving uncertainty: First rigorous formulation supporting Heisenberg's 
famous 1927 principle

> Nearly 90 years after Werner Heisenberg pioneered his uncertainty
> principle, a group of researchers from three countries has provided
> substantial new insight into this fundamental tenet of quantum
> physics with the first rigorous formulation supporting the
> uncertainty principle as Heisenberg envisioned it.

> In the Journal of Mathematical Physics, the researchers reports a new
> way of defining measurement errors that is applicable in the quantum
> domain and enables a precise characterization of the fundamental
> limits of the information accessible in quantum experiments. Quantum
> mechanics requires that we devise approximate joint measurements
> because the theory itself prohibits simultaneous ideal measurements
> of position and momentum?and this is the content of the uncertainty
> relation proven by the researchers.