Date: Jul 3, 2014 1:28 PM
Author: Robert Hansen
Subject: Re: Why do so many of us hate math?

On Jul 3, 2014, at 12:39 PM, Joe Niederberger <> wrote:

> What makes you think these kids are typical 3rd graders?

I never said that they were typical 3rd graders. I said that they were musical 3rd graders. Actually, there are a bunch of ages there, but they are elementary aged. My point is this is what music looks like when it takes off. If we are going to make a parallel with math then we must choose topics in math that can take off like this. That precludes calculus and algebra because those require formal thinking skills not yet had in elementary aged students. I also would bet, with high confidence, that these talented young musicians are not as accomplished in music theory as they are in performance, yet.

Bob Hansen