Date: Aug 28, 2014 7:23 PM
Author: Ben Bacarisse
Subject: Re: Only for mathematicians! writes:

> On Thursday, 28 August 2014 21:19:12 UTC+2, Ben Bacarisse wrote:
>> Show a formula involving a bijection from N to Q+ that is true in set
>> theory but false in WMaths.

> Take Cantor's bijection. I have assumed it. I have assumed that all
> naturals are in it. I have shown that then not all rationals are in
> it.

So no, no formula true in set theory and false in WMaths. Same
mathematics different words.

>> You can't.

As expected.

> Sorry, it seems you cannot follow mathematical arguing. Therefore
> further discussion seems meaningless.

Agreed. Please feel free to ignore my requests that you show a formula
that is true in set theory and false in WMaths. I don't post it in the
hope that you will show one, I post it because your failure to show one
speaks volumes. As you yourself once said: remember, no answer is an
answer too.