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Complete Definition of Truth - plus 'Classifying Sociopaths by easily
 recognized, typical compulsions of theirs'

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            Truth is defined, in your soul, as:

           'What happened, WHO caused it with what intentions.'  {I-a}

            Truth CANNOT be erased: It - demonstrably - remains
            forever available, for you - and for anyone else too -
            to Perceive, ***

                  because it has become part of The Creation, the
                  moment it happened or was intended.  {I-b}

            Truth is absolute, and it is only the DEGREE of Perception
            that makes Truth SEEM "relative," or "personal," or even
            "conflicting." {I-c}

                              Koos Nolst Trenite
                              human rights philosopher and poet



Truth** is HATED by Sociopaths, and it is known since long, that,
 what Sociopaths HATE MOST, is:

      to have people understand Life itself.


Now there are some hundred million Sociopaths living on Earth,

      REGARDLESS of what their age, their gender, their nationality,
      their race, their religion, their education or wealth, or their
      social position may be.  [HRD-01]



Classifying Sociopaths by their typical compulsions, that they inflict
 on others, is easily done as follows (typical examples are given):


  the 'Soul Denier,'

      compelling OTHERS to accept:

     "people do not exist - only their body exists"

     "you only feel, what your body feels"

           (in "philosophy," in "economics," in "politics:"

           "there are no other pleasures and no other pains, than
            those of YOUR OWN body, and you can not feel others")

           (in genetics, in "psychology:"

           "your parents created you")



  the 'Spirits Denier'

      compelling OTHERS to accept:

     "it is Evil, to look at people as they really are - that is not
      respecting them"

     "NEVER look Sociopaths in the eye - and if you do, then what you
      see, is all created in your OWN mind, and thus only a reflection
      of yourself"

           (in medical "science:" "sleep 'disorders' have no known
                                   cause - just drug your body")

           (in parenting: "There IS nobody hiding under the bed or in
                           the cupboard"
                          "only photon perception exists - [any
                           unwanted Perception] is just imagination")

           (in religion: "It must have been God talking to me")



  the 'Past-Life Denier,'

      compelling self and others:

     "STAY confused about Life and about who others are and about who
      you are yourself"

     "DENY feeling the past"

     "ONLY your body perceives and remembers - so, whatever you feel,
      sense or view, CANNOT possibly be from the past"

           (in history "teaching:" "you were not there" "OTHER people
                                    created history"
                                   "you have NO memories of your past,
                                    or of the past of other people")

           (in social customs: "do not disturb the deceased, or their
                                graves" - "keep them there" ...forever
                                confused, or in terror of judgment,
                                or bullied, cowed, and vampired upon
                                by any Sociopaths)

           (in social customs: "worship your ancestors")

           (in human "sciences:" "we evolved from cavemen"
                                 "your ancestors are monkeys")

           (in medical "science:" "anyone who remembers his own or
                                   someone else's past other than he
                                   can know from his present body,
                                   is obviously hallucinating: he is
                                   schizophrenic and harmful to others
                                   by 'spreading such upsetting lies
                                   about Life'")

           (in religion: "genealogy traces people who have lived in
                          the past, and that recognizes them")

           (in education: "you know nothing yet, but we will teach

                          "you have no morals till your family and
                           your group teaches you, what is right and



  the 'Perception Denier,'

      compelling others:

     "It is a hallucination - [anything a Sociopath wants NOT
      PERCEIVED] is a hallucination"

     "whatever you may sense about Sociopaths, IS INVALID and must
      be RIDICULED"

     "perceiving people must be done by observing photons only - and
      direct Perception*** is upsetting people and is not allowed,
      and we claim it is impossible anyway"

           (in "science:" "only your body can perceive and think"

                          "for 'science' to be valid, it must REJECT
                           actual Perception*** AND it must DENY the
                           mechanics*** of Perception even to exist -
                           only THEN is it 'science'")

           (in "science:" "if it violates the limits that Sociopaths
                           have managed to set and to maintain in a
                           society or culture, then ALSO visual
                           (photon) perception IS INVALID"

                          "all evidence of alien spacecraft and alien
                           activity on Earth, is fake and malicious,
                           or else is explained by natural atmospheric
                           phenomena or as crashing weather balloons")


      The 'Perception Denier' can get quite violent - after all, it is
      Perception by people, that will unmask him:

            So "he fights for his life" - BY denying Perception***
            even to exist,

                  and by demanding, that actual Perception "is a
                  hallucination" and "is a disease" even, to be
                  "remedied" ...by means of deadening drugs.

                  You have no idea whatsoever, how intensely Evil
                  Sociopaths actually are...



  the 'Life-Energy Denier,'

      compelling self and others to accept:

     "it all happens by chance-collision of molecules and photons"*(c)

          (in "biology:" "molecules create and steer Life")

          (in "physics:" "photons create space and time")

          (in "medicine:" "memory consists of molecules in the brain"
                          "thinking consists of molecules switching
                           electrons in the brain")

          (in "psychology:" "life experience is formed by stimulation
                             of the body's sense organs")

          (in "love:" "chemistry of molecules produces love")

          (in religion, medicine, psychology:

                       "any sexual sensations that you may feel and
                        when you feel these, are caused by your body's

      and we are not there yet:

          (in astronomy in collusion with geology and chemical physics
           - working together as "science:" *(e)

                         "swirls of dust form into suns by chance, and
                          some motes of dust swirl into planets - and
                          these take on water, plants, dinosaurs, and
                          trees with monkeys in them - by chance - and
                          all that within 4.54 billion years,*(e) with
                          a scientific margin of error of only one
                          percent, a margin that thus occurred by
                          chance encounter of dust motes, as well")



  the 'Harmful-Life-Energy Denier,'

      compelling others to accept:

     "these are YOUR OWN feelings" (that Sociopaths inflict on you) -
     "YOU are the one who feels it, isn't it"

     "your body does this to you"

     "people get unconscious by themselves, from unknown causes"

     "'sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never
       hurt me'"

           (in medicine: "people get sick somehow, and you never know
                          when - others stay healthy, though"

                         "the cause of these diseases is unknown"

                         "headaches appear and disappear by unknown

                         "it is simply a malfunction of the body"

                         "give generously to this medical charity -
                          researchers will find the cure you want")

                         "medical science is ethical"

           (in religion: "you CAN escape facing and handling Harmful-
                          Life-Energy, in this life or else after you
                          die - religion offers that possibility, as

                         "Someone will come at some time, to perform
                          for us a clean up of Earth and of everyone,"

                         "people who are obedient, will be salvaged"

                         "you can become free [of all Harmful-Life-
                          Energy and from all Sociopaths] - forever
                          even -  WITHOUT knowing or understanding
                          and facing anything [about those Energies
                          and about Sociopaths]")

           (in history: "memory can be erased"
                        "you don't remember history"
                        "you can't sense anything that happened here"
                        "truth is, whatever is made known to you")

           (in psychology: "your brain can only keep a limited amount
                            of memories")



  the 'Life-Energy-Vampirism Denier,'

      compelling others to accept:

     "Sociopaths do not vampire on others' Life Energies"

     "I do not believe in the idea of Life Energy - it's just a

     "you feel tired now, because ... "

           (in medicine: "depression is a disease with unknown cause"

                        "your heart, kidney, hip, back, knee, etc.,
                         'is worn out' and needs replacement")

           (in philosophy: "awareness and consciousness can not be
                            defined, nor understood")

           (in literature: [substituting Life Energy with blood]
                           "Vampirism is all fantasy")

           (in TV series: "Life Energy has nothing to do with that -
                           Vampirism is simply a physical fight on TV:
                           you kill visible attackers who are dressed
                           like vampires")

           (in love: "Love is, when you feel made ALIVE because some
                      of your OWN Life Energy is flashed at you,

                      to make you fall in love with the very Sociopath
                      who stole a chunk of your Life Energy at some
                      (earlier life-)time."



  the 'Sociopaths-Denier,'

      compelling self and others, to accept:

     "Good and Evil do not exist,"
     "Anyone is good and evil"
     "Man is basically good"

           (in religion: "Evil is needed - to learn, to punish, to
                          purify, to test, and to be able to evolve,
                          and to appreciate good")

           (in religion: "detaching from Life, ends suffering")

           (in politics: "one has no other choice than to receive with
                          honors, this [Sociopath who is] head of a
                          state or country - by definition, he does
                          represent the people")

           (in business: "if I do not do business with him, then
                          someone else will!")

           (in the military: "the strongest and cleverest wins - good
                              and evil have nothing to do with it")

           (in sports: "the beauty of sport is, that it is fair -
                        anyone [also Sociopaths] can win and be
                        celebrated as being outstanding and above
                        others in skill"

                       "The Olympic Games bring about understanding
                        between peoples and peace between countries")



Then you have further:

  the 'Village Idiot,'

      ridiculous lies are presented by him in the same breath and
      manner, as Truth is presented

  the 'Lynch Man,'

      shouts to have any messengers of Truth exterminated

  the 'Science Buff,'

      claims his lies to be "scientific"

  the 'Religious Bully,'

      invokes religion, to protect his lies

  the 'Stalwart' or 'Solid Group Member,'

      boasts "his social status will protect his lies"

  the 'Bitter Clown,'

      ridicules that you exist, motivating himself with:

           "ALL people are Sociopaths but most do their best, to hide
            it, and to act normal" and

           "you are just hiding your nature more cleverly than others"

           "people like you must be exposed as the frauds that they
            actually are, because 'people like you do not exist'" and

            THEREFORE you are the biggest fraud, and I made it my job
            to follow my nature and to fire up my Hate for Show-offs
            like you"

      goes about it with great mental force, and uses considerable

           "to prove that you do not exist," and "to prove," that

           "people such as you are a fraud"

      does anything to make others IGNORE you, and thereby

            "to MAKE it true, that you do not exist."

  etc., etc..

      See further:

      ' 'Purpose of Life' (Meaning of Life) Definition Complete Now'
        - plus -
        'Do Sociopaths KNOW they are Sociopaths, and do Sociopaths
         ENJOY being so... Yes, Yes' ' [DSKEY]

      under References, below: [DSKEY]




Apparently, whenever and wherever Sociopaths do sense an opportunity,
 or see any possibility,

      to DENY or CONFUSE the Truth of whatever happened, and

      to DENY or CONFUSE the nature of Life and of people, then

 Sociopaths WILL deny and confuse any matter - even the most simple
 one.  [ANTIN]

            AND FROM POLITICS - at the very least.  [RCM][FIL]




The compulsions of Sociopaths, given above, are to some extent listed
 in the order that these are FAILING to execute their compulsions,

      the Sociopath's failures to keep Life and people NOT and FALSELY
      "understood:" *(a)

      The Sociopaths are forever busy, to oppose Life itself, and
      to make Life (also your life) suffering, [ANTIN]

            which starts, with them DESTROYING the native knowledge
            of people (of you), about how Life works,

            and then continues, with PREVENTING people (and you) from
            knowing and from understanding, how Life works,

      and Sociopaths do that most effectively do, by teaching FALSELY
      "how Life works,"

              IN ORDER that people stop asking, and stop looking:


                  People have headaches... WHY is that?  [DPFI]

                        Well, people "must NOT look at that" of course
                        but they must ACCEPT what the Sociopath says
                        - what the 'Science Buff' says - that "a
                        headache is..."

                        And "you must suffer OR be drugged - and if
                        you suffer, then it is your own fault:"

                       "because you are NOT taking your medication -
                        the drugs that make you NOT feel your headache
                        and your suffering."

                  So, WHY do people have headaches?

                 "...because they did not take their medication," is
                  a typical response from a Sociopath, from a 'Science
                  Buff.' [TPAT], [MDSF]

                 (See 'Harmful Life Energy, infliction of' for causes
                  and remedies and prevention of headaches.)


Sociopaths do OPPOSE the actual understanding of Life,

 so you want to REMOVE Sociopaths from any research and from any
 science, in particular from any scientific advisory or regulatory

 and you want to REMOVE these - Sociopaths - from any and all activity
 of teaching,

      as a first thing.



Truth is defined in your soul, as:

           'What happened, who caused it with what intentions.'

            Truth cannot be erased: It remains - demonstrably -
            forever available for you, and for anyone else too, to

                  because it has become part of The Creation the
                  moment it happened or was intended.

            Truth is absolute, and it is only the DEGREE of Perception
            that makes Truth SEEM "relative," or "personal," or even


Koos Nolst Trenite 'Cause Trinity'
human rights philosopher and poet

                                            'Men of all nations came
                                       to listen to Solomon's wisdom,
                                  sent by all the kings of the world,
                                         who had heard of his wisdom.'

                                                        1 Kings 4:34


(a)   For instance, in a religious group, some Sociopath cannot
      maintain, that "the soul does not exist."

      But he CAN in several religions, continue to spread his
      Sociopathy, by being a 'Past-Life Denier.' Etc..

            The list of 'Deniers,' given above, is somewhat in the
            order of their failures to inflict their Sociopathy -
            though the order given is simply as I happened to think
            of it, when I wrote it.

            Much more fundamental is the statement - in one of the
            first parts of the Introduction to Fine Particle Physics:

      The Sociopaths do provide belief systems or philosophies, in
      which a Truth is given always with a LIE attached to it... which
      is then offered as "also part of the truth:"


      The Truth given, for example, is, that 'people are souls and not
      bodies, and the soul does not die: You do not die when your body

      So you say: "Great - these people do know things, that I also
      sense!" But then they ATTACH - they APPEND to that Truth -

      the deliberate and mentally FORCEFUL LIE, that "you have NO past

            In order to hide also their OWN (criminal) past lives from
            others and from themselves (to make also themselves
            unaware of their past), and

            in order to be able to "be superior" to anyone newly born,

                  and so more easily to Vampire on the Life Energy of
                  babies and to make these, newly born, unaware of the
                  Vampiring on their Life Energy

                  - such "normal" assaults on their young Life and
                    well-being, by means of assaults on the Life
                    Energy of babies and children -

            and to MUCH MORE EASILY dominate people, by starting it at
            an early age, in fact from birth onwards,

                  with stream of the most barbaric but "normal"
                  Energies that DENY a baby and child, who and what
                  it is, all the while taking its Life Energy, and

            for those reasons, with those purposes, the Sociopaths
            MADE the group into being 'Past Life Deniers:'

     "You don't remember, don't you (dare to)!" "And your Life Energy
     for connecting to your past, the Vampiring Sociopaths have
     already taken away anyway, or will soon complete taking away."

            You are creating and maintaining such a barbaric society
            BY REFUSING TO recognize the Sociopaths and their

            and you are making yourself so Ugly, by not facing them
            and their compulsions, not to mention what Ugliness you
            inflict on others by giving in to the compulsions of the

                  Why don't you live your OWN life, for once, and
                  connect to your OWN Energies, and NOT to the
                  Energies of the Sociopaths!


(b)   That is according to how Sociopaths DEMAND to have "science"

     "Perception WITHOUT photons is impossible" and "must therefore be
      the fantasy or imagination of the viewer,Z" and is a
      "hallucination which - because 'the brain does your viewing' -
      is caused by chemical malfunctioning of the brain."

            Again: Why don't you live your OWN life for once, and
                   connect to your OWN Energies, and NOT to the
                   Energies of the Sociopaths!


(c)  "It all happens by chance-collision of molecules, in 'science':"

           "TV sets and communication satellites and TV studios - not
            to mention the TV programs you are watching - these all do
            come about,

            by the random collision of molecules amongst each other,
            under the influence of photons hitting your eyeballs."


           "It is entirely by chance, that a caterpillar changes so
           completely, not within a few billion years, but within
           some days, into a butterfly."

     "It all happened by chance-collision of molecules:" Indeed, the
     Sociopaths compel a REVERSAL of Truth, a REVERSAL of cause and
     effect, in this case.

            'Criminal Minds have everything IN REVERSE,' it once again
             shows to be true.

      Their driving force - for becoming the president of Russia, for
      instance - is malice - they are driven by their JOY of being
      malicious and in a position to LEGALLY do so

      (because you do not protest that "sovereign legality," [FIL]
       therefore you say "it is legal") - nevertheless, they are
       guided by their JOY of being able to inflict harm and suffering
       onto others, and that regardless of the consequences for them-
       selves, as you know from history - they are 'already dead,
       spiritually' and so they don't mind.  [ODE]


(d)   Perception, of course, includes the Perception of memories - the
      Perception of those Energies that contain memories of yours, and

		also - which you are not taught, but which you sense every
		now and then, that there exists the sensing or - the (even
		possibly your own sensing or) Perception of

			Energies that contain, that have stored, whatever
			else has happened,

			in the past of everything else, and in the past of
			everyone else, and in the past of every other
			location anywhere, too.

      Understandably, Sociopaths are truly HORRIFIED by this, and they
      will commit every crime,

            no matter how horrible, and very far beyond your already
            highly subdued imagination of what they did to you or
            others, not just to your body but to your soul as well,

            and they will commit any crime, of the most gruesome kind,
            as long as they are not prevented by us from committing
            such, committed by them also

      in order to obscure what Perception and memory is, how it works,

            and they will commit every crime, to keep that knowledge

            AND they will commit any crime, no matter how HORRIBLE, to
            distort or black out the Perception of your past, the
            Perception of the past of others, and the Perception of
            the past of any locations.

                  In other words, they will destroy your Perception,
                  your sensing,

                        resulting in a multitude of diseases, ailments
                        and allergies,

                        and of course also in various ailments in
                        someone's eyesight,

                  BUT THEY DO NOT CARE - they want to keep Life
                  Energy secret, and else not understood, not

      You have no idea, how LIMITLESSLY Evil Sociopaths (Criminal
      Minds) have been and are, to you and to everyone.

            "Mouse-brain-tissue, is what you must study INSTEAD!"
            Then you will never find out...

      For a reference to Perception, see Footnote (***).


(e)   ...dust-swirls are forming by chance into suns, in "science:"

     "(...) The results show, that the meteorites, and therefore the
      Solar System, formed between 4.53 and 4.58 billion years ago.

     "The best age for the Earth comes not from dating individual
      rocks but by considering the Earth and meteorites as part of the
      same evolving system in which the isotopic composition of lead,
      specifically the ratio of lead-207 to lead-206, changes over
      time, owing to the decay of radioactive uranium-235 and
      uranium-238, respectively.

     "Scientists have used this approach, to determine the time
      required for the isotopes in the Earth's oldest lead ores, of
      which there are only a few, to evolve from its primordial
      composition, as measured in uranium-free phases of iron
      meteorites, to its compositions at the time these lead ores
      separated from their mantle reservoirs.

     "These calculations result in an age for the Earth and meteorites
      - and hence the Solar System - of 4.54 billion years with an
      uncertainty of less than 1 percent.

     "To be precise, this age represents the last time that lead
      isotopes were homogeneous throughout the inner Solar System and,
      the time that lead and uranium was incorporated into the solid
      bodies of the Solar System.

     "The age of 4.54 billion years found, for the Solar System and
      Earth, is consistent with current calculations of 11 to 13
      billion years for the age of the Milky Way Galaxy (based on the
      stage of evolution of globular cluster stars) and the age of 10
      to 15 billion years for the age of the Universe (based on the
      recession of distant galaxies [of which the perceived motion,
      points at a convergence point, that is calculated by "science"
      to have occurred by chance 13.7 billion years ago, with a really
      Big Bang *(f)] )."

file: Geologic Time: Age of the Earth - Publications Services US gov
      2007 - Stanford U, 1991 - pubs.usgs.gov__gip__geotime__age.html
http://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/geotime/age.html (retrieved 20120904)

file: Geologic Time: Radiometric Time Scale - pubs.usgs.gov__gip__
http://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/geotime/radiometric.html (retrieved 20120904)


(f)  "Big Bang, beginning of the Universe"

           [Ed.: based on the speeding away of distant galaxies, the
            perceived motion of these, demands "science" (Mr. Hubble,
            that is) to postulate a convergence point of their paths
            traveled in space - a point of convergence

            that is calculated by the same "science," to have occurred
            by chance at a time 13.7 billion Earth years ago - as a
            really, truly Big Bang ...and all that by chance - you
            never know when these things happen, do you...]

     "Big Bang, beginning of the Universe, is an accepted theoretical
      event, that occurred approximately 13.7 billion years ago."

     "Astronomer Edwin Hubble hypothesized, that, the further the
      galaxy, the faster its recession [its speed away] from Earth is;
      this became known [in the mentioned "scientific" circles], as
      'the Hubble Constant'."

    - When Sociopath Stephen Hawking says so... [SHEFP] then "it must
      be true:" His "religion" reigns - with some nine million ardent
      believers [SHEFP] (and all that by chance) - in their "rational
      science." [CMNSE]

    - This "religion of science" provides good and steady salaries
      for the Modern Theoretical Physicists and their Energy-devouring
      toys.  [SHEFP]

     "Stephen Hawking believes ..." [SHEFP]

file: Big Bang, beginning of the Universe - astronomytoday.com__
http://www.astronomytoday.com/cosmology/bigbang.html (retrieved 20120904)

    - More "science" from the Sociopaths, can be examined in

file: The End of the Universe - big crunch or big bang?




*     The 'Life Energy Denier' in 'modern theoretical physics:'
      ("photons define space and perception")  [SHEFP], [CMNSE]

**    Definition of Truth - see 'Truth is defined, as: ...' above,
      in this HRI.

***   Perception of course includes the action of Perceiving memories.

      Perception is precisely defined, for instance in

           'What is Hypnosis - What is Perception'
            {HRI Note 20120809-1-V1.0} [WIHPS]

      See under 'References,' below.

[SHEFP] (and any similar abbreviations)

      Find these under 'References,' here below.



     (these References do not and can not include the vast, almost
      infinite list of material, that provides the evidence of the
      activities and of the nature of the Sociopaths and their
      servants - the irrevocable evidence of their nature and their
      activities, and the compulsions of various types of Sociopaths,
      that the above examples above are pointing at)


[DSKEY]' 'Purpose of Life' (Meaning of Life) Definition Complete Now
        - plus -
        'Do Sociopaths KNOW they are Sociopaths, and do Sociopaths
         ENJOY being so... Yes, Yes' '
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[CMNSE]'Also in Physics and Astronomy, Criminal Minds WILL NOT STOP
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      Stephen Hawking, with his ENTIRELY FALSE "Physics" '
      {FPP Note 20091204-II-V1.0.1-A}  [SHEFP]
       (4 December 2009 - Addition V1.0.1-A on 6 Dec 2009)
       which includes
      'Famous Nuclear Scientist Debunked'
      {FPP Note 20091204-II-V1.0.1-A-T}

[BRSSH]'Does anyone (still) believe the British Royal Society's
      most famous sociopath, Stephen Hawking?'
      {FPP Note 20091204-II-V1.0.1}  [BRSSH]
       (4 December 2009 - Version 1.0.1 on 5 Dec 2009)
... alt.christnet.christianlife/msg/1afed9a72635c529

[AKLEE]'Definitions of 'Aikido' and 'Karate' ...with Life Energy
      "enabled" '
      {HRI note 20091204}  [AKLEE]
       (4 December 2009)

[TVVG]'The Vampire Vincent van Gogh - The Emotional and The Scientific
      {HRI 20120728-V2.1}  [TVVG]
       (28 July 2012 - Version 2.1 on 7 Aug 2012)

      'Getting Your Lost Life Force Back To Yourself'
      {HRI 20090712} (also {FPP 20090712})
       (12 July 2009)

      (same in Russian)
      'Возвращение Вашей Потерянной Силы Жизни К Вам непосредственно'
      (Getting Your Lost Life Force Back To Yourself)
      {HRI 20090712-RU}
       (12 July 2009)

[ANTIN]'Earth Condition in a Nutshell: REVERSAL of what is Normal -
      the 'Anti-Normal' DEMANDS'
      {HRI 20071208-V2.3}  [ANTIN]
       (8 December 2007 - Version 2.3 on 11 Apr 2012)
      (former Title):
     'The Anti-Normal: 'The Abnormal Must REPLACE the Normal' '

[RCM] 'The Rights of Criminal Minds'
      {HRI 20040108-V2.1}  [RCM]
       (8 January 2004 - Version 2.1 on 13 Jul 2009)

[MDSF]'Medical Doctors: The Sickening Force Undermining World Health,
      The Economy, and The United Nations'
      (incl. definitions of 'Living Organism' (your body),
       of 'Molecular Medicine,' 'By-pass surgery' and 'Narcosis')
       {HRI 20100304-V6.1-SL-V4.3.2}  [MDSF]
        (4 March 2010 - Version SL-V4.3.2 on 18 Oct 2011)

[FIL] 'The First International Law'
      {HRI 20021124-V2.0.3}  [FIL]
       (24 November 2002 - Version 2.0.3 on 21 Mar 2011)

[DOP] 'Natural Definition of Peace'
      (First workable Definition of Peace)
      {HRI 20070520-V3.9-t}  [DOP]
       (20 May 2007 - Version 3.9-t on 24 Dec 2011)



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 anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
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