Some subscribers to MathEdCC might be interested in a recent post "Effective Teachers Need Pedagogical Content Knowledge" [Hake (2013)].  The abstract reads:

ABSTRACT: Phil Sadler alerted the PhysLrnR list to "The Influence of Teachers' Knowledge on Student Learning in Middle School Physical Science Classrooms" [Sadler et al. (2013)] online to subscribers at <>.  That article suggests that "a teacher's ability to identify students' most common wrong answer on multiple-choice items, A FORM OF PEDAGOGICAL CONTENT KNOWLEDGE, is an additional measure of science teacher competence." [My CAPS.]
That *pedagogical content knowledge* is important for *effective* teaching was emphasized in Lesson #7 of "Lessons from the Physics Education Reform Effort" [Hake (2002)] at <>: "Teachers who possess both content knowledge and 'pedagogical content knowledge' are more apt to deliver effective instruction."

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