The twenty first number of the bimonthly email Newsletter from the
ICMI-International Commission on Mathematical Instruction
is out. It includes the following contents:

1. Editorial: A Very Brief History of Korean Language and Scholarship
2. ICME-12: TSG, WSG, posters, registration
3. ICME-12: Mathematical Carnival
4. ICME-12: Grants for delegates from non-affluent countries
5. ICME-12: The fifth appetizer
     Quality teaching of mathematical modelling what do we know, what can we do?
6. ICME-13 will be in Hamburg in 2016
7. ICMI Study 22: first meeting of the IPC
8. Database Project Researcher 
9. Pipeline Researcher & Individual Country Data Collectors
10. News from IMU
11. Calendar of Events of Interest to the ICMI Community
12. Subscribing to ICMI News

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