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Subject: Re: Another view on the Moore method
Date: June 11, 2013 3:07:50 PM GMT+01:00
To: "Jaime Carvalho e Silva" <jaimecs@MAT.UC.PT>

From Dr. Holly Hirst, Professor of Mathematics and Assoc Dead of Graduate
Studies, Appalachian State University (North Carolina, USA), also a Shodor
board member:

It has also been documented as intimidating to women and minority students
(especially when Moore himself used the method). Using this with PhD
students who have already a firm footing in basic math is one thing (and
one could argue helps develop the skills needed to be a mathematics
researcher), but many try it -- often with dismal results -- in lower
level courses.  Is it any wonder that many students are turned off from
math?  I believe frustration/mistakes/risk taking is useful for learning,
but too much just turns good students away.  (Guess you know my opinion

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