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> Wrong. In fact, as the best kid in the class, I seldom got asked to the board.
> Your description of what happened to you is the epitome of "anecdotal".

Considering the way I wrote it, I can see how can say that. How about this then. When I take into account all of my classes in school (a few dozen spread over 6 different schools), not one involved a teacher that predominately asked the brightest kids to the board. Haim has already pointed out my real error and that was labeling what Stigler wrote as "anecdotal" and I agree with him. What Stigler wrote wasn't based on personal experience, it was made up. It was fiction thrown in to support his hypothesis, and that was my real point.

> I'm not sure why you think that your own personal experience contradicts Greeno's "usually".

Greeno's what?????? I have asked Greeno for a record of anything, many times, and he has produced nothing, even though his site claims that MALEI has been involved in this area for 30 years! For the past several years I cast a very wide net. I looked at more math (and physics) curriculums, involved myself in discussions with more teachers, and examined more test results than I had ever planned on. Comparing my research to Clyde's lack of any is rather foolish, is it not?

Bob Hansen

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