I am confused.

Regarding your first statement, that students are mostly not competent in mathematics, why did you have to do a study? All of the standardized tests already show this. TIMSS shows this. PERLS shows this. NCLB shows this. AP shows this.

Regarding your second statement, that these non competent students routinely pass tests, that is in direct contradiction to the statement above.

We can go to any public source of the tests I listed above and see that the students are not passing.

Bob Hansen

On Jan 18, 2013, at 4:09 PM, Jerome Epstein jerepst@att.net> wrote:

> It would be helpful to know some of the background that this test
> assumes, that you believe most students don't have. Diagnostic testing I
> have been doing for years proves beyond question that large majorities
> of high school graduates are not competent in mathematics at the 8th
> grade level if one asks for skills that are in any way beyond rote
> memorization and very low level.
> I have proved this 100 times over.
> Nearly all assessments test only memorized procedures. They are
> routinely passed by students who understand not a word of it. I have
> shown this in testing of thousands of students in some 30 states, 3
> provinces of Canada, and about 15 other countries. If any are interested
> in testing students, you can get either the Basic Skills Diagnostic Test
> (BSDT) or the Calculus Concept Inventory (CCI) by writing to me. Be
> prepared for a shock.
> A paper on the CCI has just been accepted by the Notices and will appear
> in about 6 months.
> Jerry Epstein

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