Although I only referred to TIMSS in my earlier posts, 2011 offered a unique opportunity to examine student performance in both TIMSS [mathematics (gr. 4 and 8), science (gr. 4 and 8)] and PIRLS [reading (gr.4)].

The IEA press release at 10am CET includes four videos, which you can access at www.timss.org; there are interviews with representatives from the Netherlands (Jos de Groen, Dutch MOE; where 100% of  gr. 4 students reached the lowest benchmark), Singapore (Ho Peng, director-general of education; where students improved their performance from 2007), Russian Federation (Galina Kovaleva, Russian Academy of Education) and Hong Kong (Frederick Leung*, University of Hong Kong) in video 2.

*Frederick Leung was a keynote speaker at MERGA (Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia) 2012, and the abstract for his presentation, What can and should we learn from international studies of mathematics achievement?, is available at: http://math.nie.edu.sg/merga2012/programme/abstract/abstractthree.aspx

The slides for the NCES press release, which took place at 10 am EST are available at https://nces.ed.gov/timss/results11.asp along with the Highlights report of U.S. performance. If you are interested in receiving the audio component, you should send a request to stephen.provasnik@ed.gov

The full reports for the TIMSS and PIRLS study are available at timss.org, along with the encyclopedia of country backgrounds (two volumes), public release questions...


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