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I am excited to share with you that my colleagues from the Mathematics Leadership Program at Bank Street College of Education and I recently completed an important milestone in our work with the publication of the Math for All professional resources. Math for All is a professional development program to enhance the preparation of general and special education teachers in grades K-5 for teaching common core standards-based mathematics to a broad range of students, including those with disabilities. The development of this program was funded by the National Science Foundation. A big thank you to those of you who contributed to the development of this program as funders, advisors, or as participants in our pilot and field tests!


The Math for All professional resources, published by Corwin Press, provide staff developers with the materials, resources, and background information to implement the program with teams of general and special education teachers in their school districts. If you are interested in learning more about Math for All, please join us for an online information session. We will host sessions on April 11, 25, and 30, 2013 at 5 pm EDT. The sessions are free, but reservations are required. Please RSVP to






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New hope for students who struggle most with math


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Math for All (K-2 & 3-5)
Professional Development Resources for Facilitators
by Babette Moeller, Barbara Dubitsky, Marvin Cohen, Karen Marschke-Tobier, Hal Melnick, and Linda Metnetsky
With Andrea Brothman and Randi Cecchine

“Math for All is a brilliant, timely, and much-needed publication that emphasizes collaborative lesson planning—a powerful practice for improving teachers' capacity to design rigorous lessons that positively impact student learning.”
—Lucy West, Author and Consultant
Metamorphosis Teaching Learning Communities, New York, NY

The issue: In our efforts to meet the accelerated pace of the Common Core Standards for Mathematics, no single approach will work for all students—especially those with disabilities or receiving Response to Intervention (RTI) services or English language learners.  Each student, we already know, has different strengths and needs.

The challenge: So the challenge for teachers is to create the conditions for success in any classroom, with any curriculum, or with any intervention. Teachers need to consider the strengths and needs of individual students and the mathematical goals of the lessons they teach before they can determine which instructional strategies work for whom. Collaborating with colleagues with different areas of expertise is key.

The solution: That’s the powerful premise behind the NSF-funded Math for All workshop series. What’s more, the series was developed by the Education Development Center (EDC) and Bank Street College of Education. That means it’s backed by the latest research on how best our students and teachers learn.

Discover more about Math for All’s specific learning goals by
clicking here.

Each Facilitator Kit includes:

  • DVD 1, with PowerPoint presentations and embedded classroom videos for all five Math for All Common Core-aligned workshops
  • DVD 2, with video examples of how teachers across grades K-2 and 3-5 have made their math lessons accessible to students
  • Facilitator’s Guide, with step-by-step guidelines on delivering each workshop, including learning goals, advance preparation, and much more
  • Participant Book, with corresponding handouts and reproducibles for the programs

Additional support services
The developers of the Math for All workshop series also offer a range of online and on-site services to support you and your school district in implementation. For more information, contact Babette Moeller:

Free Online Information Sessions
To learn more about the Math for All program and its support services, please join us for an online information session. Sessions will be conducted online on April 11, 25, and 30 at 5 pm EDT. The sessions are free, but reservations are required. Please RSVP to

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