From a note received from Randi Weingarten, AFT President, today March 3, 2014.
For-profit charter schools that operate in the dark without basic public transparency and without strong public control too often put their bottom line ahead of the public interest and high-quality public education.

SIDEBAR: Is the rapid expansion of charter schools about helping kids learn or about enabling for-profit operators to rake in millions in tax dollars? Find out ... SEE http://cashinginonkids.com/
So, last week, in partnership with In the Public Interest, the AFT launched the website Cashing in on Kids-a one-stop shop for the facts about for-profit education in America. [See http://cashinginonkids.com/ ]
While we are working to reclaim the promise of public education, these for-profit charters are cashing in on kids. Help us call them out.

The site profiles five for-profit charter school operators: K12 Inc., Imagine Schools, White Hat Management, Academica and Charter Schools USA. It identifies several issues that need to be addressed in charter school policy, including public control, equity, transparency and accountability, and it analyzes the impact of profit-taking and privatization in charter schools, where student results are mixed and mismanagement is widespread.
Curious to see how Jeb Bush's friends are cashing in on kids? Check it out -- See http://cashinginonkids.com/

We built this site because we want parents, educators and policymakers to be better informed about the impact of profit, money and private interests in education, particularly charter schools.

Check out Cashing in on Kids, and help us spread the word by sharing with your social networks. [http://cashinginonkids.com/ ]

In unity,

Randi Weingarten
AFT President

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