RE: jk wrote:

GSC, my list is even shorter and a billion times more likely to succeed:

A. FIRE all incompetent teachers.

B. REDUCE education expenditures to the level of 1959 when SAT scores were 150 points higher.

C. OUTLAW race and gender baiting.

D. PRIVATIZE schools.

In reality, if we do ONLY A. and D., the other two will follow instantly.
Huge questions with many perspectives to consider: 
A. How do you determine which teachers are competent and which ones are not? NCLB test data - are a certain teachers students scoring proficiently? What about low socio-economic  low performance level data - where is the teacher responsibility in this data? 
B. What programs do you recommend be cut to reduce expenditures? Why? Since expenditures are related to funding sources, and NCLB is reducing funding in many states, this trickles down to districts, then to schools. Our district is facing cuts, and is considering increasing class sizes to balance their budgets.. How does this help kids?
C. Define "race and gender baiting" (Not sure what you mean.)
D. What about setting high expectations or students using the 'standards" system, how would this fit into "privatized schools" as you would define them?
Your list seems flat and opinionated... please elaborate