Not my words but another unbiased source.

The movie "Won't Back Down" is mentioned in foreboding terms; comes out later in the month, I believe.  Somebody must've remembered that I used to be an effective voice for improvement in education in California.  Unfortunately, there are none of those any more; we are back to a few of us crying in the wilderness while Bilingual Education (read Spanish first and sometimes Spanish only instruction), abandonment of the California Content Standards in deference to the much less specific Common Core State Standards (and more importantly, "authentic" assessments to match).  Be that as it may, a week from tonight I will be one of who-knows-how-many people invited to pre-screen the film.

More regrets; specifically, Haim is right again…  I'll go to my grave believing that this education iceberg can be turned around - or at least incrementally improved - without realizing that it's actually hiding a dormant volcano.  To quote my late father when trying to fix some reluctant farm implement, "It's harder than the hubs of hell."