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CERME8: Working Group 13 - Early Years Mathematics

CERME8 (The Eighth Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education)
will take place at Antalya, Turkey: 6th to 10th February 2013 (http://www.cerme8.metu.edu.tr).
As usual the conference will be organised around working groups. We call for papers and posters
to the working group on Early Years Mathematics (Working group 13).
Leaders: Maria G. (Mariolina) Bartolini Bussi (Italy): bartolini@unimore.it, Ingvald Erfjord
(Norway): ingvald.erfjord@uia.no, Esther Levenson (Israel): levenso@post.tau.ac.il, Cecile Ouvrier-
Buffet (France): cecile.ouvrier-buffet@univ-paris-diderot.fr
Liason member with IPC: Maria Alessandra Mariotti (Italy): mariotti.ale@unisi.it
Scope and Focus of WG13
Early Years Mathematics (EYM) concerns children aged 3-8, hence it spans pre-school and the early
grades of primary school (although with a different transition age in different countries). In the past,
EYM was mostly studied by scholars in child development, offering theories and observation
methodologies to investigate when children are ready to acquire some new skill. More recently,
mathematics educators have entered the field: specific WGs were offered in CERME6 and in
CERME7, with a major focus on schooling. Researching mathematics education during the early years is complex. In most European countries, many children enter pre-school very early (at the age of 3 and in some cases even earlier), yet the conception of schooling and mathematics in early years is very different across countries. In addition, teachers are usually generalist, i. e. with no specialization in mathematics. Finally, the contribution of scholars in neuroscience to the study of learning disorders (e.g. dyscalculia) and the need to diagnose them and to intervene as early as possible, has given teachers the responsibility to identify children at risk in this field. We welcome contributions from across the above spectrum for deeper understanding of issues regarding EYM
Call for papers and poster proposals

In Working Group 13 we welcome research-based papers (10 pages maximum) and poster proposals
(2 pages) in the following areas, though any paper/poster of relevance to the overall focus of the group will also be considered. We particularly welcome papers that report studies of:

The role of natural language in EYM
The role of play in EYM
The role of manipulatives and ICT tools in the teaching and learning of EYM
The transition between manipulation and different kinds of representations
Designing and implementing tasks for EYM
The transition between pre-primary and primary school in EYM
Ways to learn to become a learner at school
EYM and learning disorders (e. g. dyscalculia): early identification and intervention
Challenges in EYM for teacher education and development
Theoretical approaches to the study of teaching and learning of EYM

We welcome "practitioners" of EYM and newcomers to the field, while we expect the papers to report systematic studies of EYM and to refer to relevant literature in the field. Papers and poster proposals should use the CERME8 WORD template, and conform to the guidelines at http://www.cerme8.metu.edu.tr/author_guidelines.html. To submit it, you must email your paper as
a WORD document to M. Bartolini Bussi (bartolini@unimore.it), AND at the same time to the
conference secretariat at accerme8@metu.edu.tr. If possible please also send a pdf version in addition
to the WORD document.

Reviews and Decisions

Each paper will be peer-reviewed by three persons from among those who submit papers to this
Working Group and the leaders. Please expect to be asked to review up to three papers yourself
between 15th September and 22nd October 2012. It may be necessary for you to revise your paper
before final acceptance. Please reserve some time to do this in the second half of November. The
group leaders will decide about the acceptance of posters.

Important dates

15th September 2012: Deadline for submission of papers.
1st October 2012: Deadline for submission of poster proposals.
22nd October 2012: Deadline for reviewers to submit their reviews.
15th November 2012: Decisions about paper or poster acceptance.
1st December 2012: Deadline for revisions of papers.

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