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Your post below confirms what I said. You've suggested that you (and by inference, others) are immune to the corruptive influence of absolute power. That suggestion exposes your libertarian postures as merely that: Postures.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

Lou Talman Posted: Sep 12, 2012 1:29 AM

>He would probably have those who disagree with him put
>to death. Just like any other "UNDISPUTED ADMINISTRATOR".
>And then he would notice that those of ethnicities other
>than his own disagree with him.


   I hope you are a better mathematician than you are a mind reader.  In fact, I hope you are a better mathematician than you are a reader, since you seem to have entirely missed the point of the "Position Announcement" thread.  Allow me to recap.

   The Education Mafia think multiculturalims is a peachy idea, and they want to promote it where it does not already exist.  This is an idea whose merits can be questioned.  I question them.

   In his inimitable style, Chandy brings up an entirely different question:  what to do about multiculturalism when you already have it?  I wish him a lot of luck with that problem.

Shovel ready?  What shovel ready?

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