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You think that government revenues as a percentage of nominal GDP is
too high in the US? Nonsense. They are essentially at the lowest point
since WWII - 15% and 25% for federal and for combined federal, state,
and local, respectively. 

That isn't what I said. I said that if you were to compare typical family budgets between a finnish family and a U.S. family they would be comparable. Yes, on the finnish side you have higher "taxes" but health care and college is covered. On the american side you have lower taxes but then you have health care and college on top of that.

I used to think Canada was high tax until I worked with a couple firms there. Yes, their tax rates are higher but when you factor out other things, it is a wash. They do seem to get more out of their social dollars. I am not canadian and I am only relaying my experience. They may pay more overall, but I realized that we both paid a lot of taxes after you factor everything in.

Bob Hansen