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Robert Hansen says:
>Keep in mind that Lou misstated what I said (probably unintentionally). I was referring to that proof test in the document I referenced. It showed a proof and then asked "On a scale of 1 to 5, how strongly do you agree or disagree with this proof?"

My apologies - somehow two separate threads have become intertwined.
Joe N

Yeah, several threads got mixed with the "dot notation" one.  That's OK.  DotNotation.thread = "What we think about Math Ed"  # etc.

What I'm saying is we are culturally straitjacketed by words like "computer science" which is actually today's major mainline math.  Industry is using dot notation to control the world (the e-World, just virtual) and K-12 stays ignorant because why?  Because "dot notation" is not a math notation.  Says who?  Says no one with a coherent bone in her/his body.  But then lots of people are spineless.