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Revealingly, no attention is paid to the fundamental ***learning needs*** of those you wish to ***teach***.  The above will probably work for those students who're primed, so to speak, to take benefit of what you intend to ***teach***.  It's not a system.  A "system" is somewhat different, as indicated in some of the attachments I put up from time to time.

As I recall, you don't have a curriculum. Your "system" consists of asking the student "What can you do to learn better?" and creating some action items. So, i grew up in a trailer with 7 people (2 adults and 4 siblings). There was no "learning environment" at home, except that I learned I will never live in a trailer again. What would the action items be in that situation? The immediate action items, not the "when I turn 18" action items, like "join the army".

So, let's suppose you turn the crank on OPMS and come up with some action items. That doesn't change the curriculum I posted, does it?

Bob Hansen