On Nov 1, 2012, at 11:18 AM, Louis Talman <talmanl@gmail.com> wrote:

But we disagree on what must be done.

So tell me what is wrong with examining what all of the successful students do and working from that?

In any other context this is exactly what is done, so why is that not done here?

And I might remind you that I spent a couple years gathering data, that spans 15 years, over 50 countries,  millions of students and tens of thousands of schools. I did this to establish without doubt that...

1) All students that are successful succeed in generally the same fashion.
2) There is a natural order, a progression, to that success.
3) (1) and (2) are invariant to any and all dimensions (i.e. sex, race, money, etc.)

This might not provide an "easy fix" but it certainly provides us the essential elements. It provides us with what "works" means.

Bob Hansen