On Nov 7, 2012, at 7:59 PM, Paul Tanner <upprho@gmail.com> wrote:

 already proved you wrong with the facts. (See the sub-thread in
question, this message above the the preceding ones by me.)

I supplied actual links to what everything costs (houses, cars, gas, etc.). Two to three times what it costs here. There wasn't anything left to prove. But alas, this is how every discussion ends with you. The sky is blue and you claim that you've "proved" it isn't. You do it so often I don't even think you realize you are doing it. It is like a bad habit. I say bad habit because your "proofs" always seem opposite your actions. For example, if you were so better off in CA then why did you move to FL? Or after moving to FL and realizing what you gave up, why not move back to CA? Or better yet, why haven't you applied for Norwegian citizenship? You see what I mean?

Bob Hansen