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I have not yet obtained curriculum details, but I am working on it. 

I don't have the curriculum yet but I have some stats to start with...

The Algebra 1 EOC exam for North Carolina (2009 version) is here...


Impressive Algebra 1 exam.

In Lenoir county (where the school is located) the average on this test for 2010-2011 (2 years ago) was 35 / 64 for 833 students tested.

At this school in 2010-2011 the average was 55 / 64 for 15 students tested. 


55 / 64 is a pretty good average, although, there were only 15 students taking the exam.

In the same year at the same school, 85 8th graders took the end of grade exam and scored 38 / 60.


Also a good exam.

In the same year at the same school, 104 7th graders took the end of grade exam.

Thus, 15% of the students took the Algebra 1 exam (in 8th grade I presume) with pretty good results.

Bob Hansen