Sent at the request of Anne Watson.
will take place at the Ripon-Cuddesdon College, Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire OX44 9EX

from Tuesday Aug 6th to Friday Aug 9th 2013
The Institute will be led by John Mason, Malcolm Swan and Anne Watson and will consist of work on mathematics, readings, reflections and discussions  about teaching and learning mathematics.

There will be a full programme from 2pm on the 6th until lunchtime on the 9th, including evening activities.
This year's theme is: Exchange & Substitution
Is exchange useful as a metaphor, or as an awareness to underpin other mathematical topics?

Might exchange provide an enactive basis for understanding arithmetic, algebra, and reasoning?

Is understanding exchange necessary for making progress in mathematics?

How might exchange be expressed so that young children have access to relevant tasks?

What other manifestations of exchange or substitution might underpin mathematical topics?
There will be no papers or formal presentations; the group will work together intensively and creatively with issues and ideas to develop thinking and practice. See http://www.atm.org.uk/mt/archive/mt191files/ATM-MT191-37-40.pdf  for some insight into how the Institute operates.

The fee will be 340 which includes accommodation during the Institute, all meals and other refreshments, materials and so on.
Non resident fee is 175. A limited number of bursaries may be available.
We shall need a non-returnable 50 deposit to hold a place (if your institution is paying, then the full fee would be appreciated).

Cheques should be made out to Institute of Maths Pedagogy and sent to:
Sue Elliott
Mathematics Education Centre
Sheffield Hallam University,
City Campus
Sheffield, S1 1WB
telephone:   0114 2256015 (Voicemail available);

email:    sue.elliott53@gmail.com
Apply now!! Places are limited to 21 in total.
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