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However, I do think stepping up field operations in refugee camps and involving more health care personnel in global programs will have a positive effect on the USA scene as well.  Accepting larger numbers of refugees for resettlement and having more such refugee camps within the USA's borders might also be a consequence. When the Albanians were getting attacked by the Yugoslavians, I advocated getting more ships involved and facilitating an exodus.  The same might be offered to the people in Gaza who want to start over in another setting (not everyone would want to -- these programs should be voluntary).




(the idea of flotillas for evacuation is not new -- Syria is talked about more often in this connection as it's foreign nationals that get evacuated in the typical scenario, not natives under attack, although that happens too).
As you may know, when Hitler was trying to drive all the Jews out of Germany, nations such as England and the USA mostly closed their borders.  In England, recently arrived refugees were forced into prison camps whereas the USA simply refused to raise its quota, condemning many to death.  Of course the food blockade (which the Quakers tried to work around) was also death dealing.  I mention this because of how modern warfare has targeted civilians and involved them.  In the new world order I advocate, there's a lot more concerted effort to move people around and get them out of the battles, even if only temporarily.  Somalia is a current focus, as is the Sudan.

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