Right, "preventing violence" was your stipulation.  I might be more interested in seeing USAers learn to respect the property rights of others, as kind of a baby step toward curbing their infantile 'raging baby' inner nature.

Don't enter a foreign country with a weapon (e.g. weaponized UAV) unless specifically authorized to do so.  Perhaps you will be issued a weapon once you arrive, but cross-boarder transport of weaponry when signage / posted rules prohibit doing so, is a good example of committing a "violation" (same root as "violence").

I would like USAers to learn to respect other peoples more (i.e. non-USAers, the other 95% of the world's population).  Just wearing camo and combat boots is no excuse for packing a gun onto private property.  "Costume" is no excuse.

Americans are scandalously wasteful of resources and insensitive to the cultural rights of others, would be my stereotype.  They used to travel more as tourists (post WW2), but then they got scared and grumpy and now have their separate network of airports (e.g. Manas, Okinawa) through which they transport weapons with wild abandon, into sovereign nations which have many times and in many ways tried to show them the door.

I think Disneyland, EPCOT etc. find themselves besieged by an uncivilized / unsavory lot that never learned basic human politeness in elementary school and grew up spoiled brat rotten.  The whole world is now supposed to kowtow to the NRA gun toters who insist on their rights above those of all others, plus they're armed and dangerous on top of that, so it's risky to question them or get them angry (many are hair-trigger, just looking for opportunities to lose their tempers).

Disney probably doesn't push its perimeter people to enforce the no guns policy as much as it could because of the fear that maladaptive "adults" will go berserk and stage a scene.  Even if they don't wave the piece, the veins will stand out on their necks as the shout obscenities and talk about their 2nd amendment rights as if the Constitution were globally enforced and as if their Constitutional right to "pursuit of happiness" knew no limits or bounds.

I recommend this little movie (South Park, not Disney) for more background on the NRA crowd (it's most unreasonable zealots, I realize there are a few who aren't spewing puke):

http://youtu.be/pvSkacPqKec  (history of the NRA)

Giving adults more opportunities to obey rules and behave thoughtfully in the land of the spoiled rotten, where kids are uncontrolled and parents shout obscenities if not allowed to carry lethal weapons into amusement parks, might indirectly cut down on violence.  Arguably it would take a lot more.

This discussion takes me back to Paul's pathetic attempts to have us think the USA could ever be like Sweden, where intelligent policies prevail.  Such civilizations require a level of socialization that Americans just haven't demonstrated at any point in their history.  Vote all you want, campaign all you want, but when the average social IQ is what it is... you go with the army you've got.  Sorry Paul, I just don't think it's in the cards, much as we both respect Medicare.