I mean to generalize in the same sloppy manner people generalize generally, meaning with lots of exceptions.

I mean "on average" i.e. "on average the USAers are too socially unskilled to have high living standards". 

They were the "richest and most powerful nation on Earth" for awhile and what did they do with that opportunity? 

Now they're falling further and further behind, as the USG is further cannibalized (sold off, privatized) by those who would prop it up as the champion of their own sickly brand of oligarchic imperialism.

I'm not sure how to get out of this mess.  Some thought Christianity would be the salvation of these tribes, but that appears to have been a failure.  Now they have consumerism and a brain-dead STEM curriculum.

But then there's Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping.  Americans such as Rev. Billy give me renewed hope in our humanity.   http://revbilly.com/ 

Disney was pretty cool too, despite various meme infections would could mention.  He imagined a kinder / gentler America than the one we got.   Now his parks are being overrun with NRA orcs, like those donkey eared liars in Pinocchio. 

I have summoned an army "Quaker trolls" to do battle and apply counter-spin (I'm talking psy-war of course -- no outward weapons wielders need apply).


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Such civilizations require a level of socialization that Americans just haven't demonstrated at any point in their history.

You mean many americans, right, not all? Or do you mean all but yourself? Or do you actually mean all?

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