Ha Ha. I warned you Michael. Now you have become a tiny url in Hake's collection of out of context snippets.

Bob Hansen

On Jan 16, 2013, at 11:29 AM, Richard Hake <rrhake@earthlink.net> wrote:

 One of the more problematic is by Michael Paul Goldenberg (2013) who wrote [bracketed by lines "WWWW. . . .".; my insert at ". . . . [[insert]]. . . . . .":

At the risk of interrupting the speculation-fest about Susan Ohanian's thinking and intent, perhaps one of the fun seekers could have the decency to contact her and ask. It's not exactly hard to find her contact information on-line.

Frankly, though, I do wonder about Richard Hake's decision to share an anecdote from a list. . . .  . . . . . [[EDDRA2 with CLOSED archives at <http://yhoo.it/iNTxrH>]].
 . . .  that is not open to the public, with folks in this particular venue, given the predictable comments it has evoked. We now have a few of the usual snakes and vipers commenting on Susan Ohanian, a very bright person indeed. I think he has done her a serious disservice, particularly if he didn't request permission beforehand.

No, I did not ask permission to share the anecdote with Math-Teach and other lists, nor do I think it's necessary to ask permission. In my post "In Defense of Cross Posting" I wrote: